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G/5G: RCM Configuration, Integration, Verification and Troubleshooting of EnodeB for G1 and G2 nodes like DUS41 DUS52 (Baseband-5216/5212/6630), MSMM configuration (L+W+G), DUS32. Activities include, Software upgrade and upgrade, Initial configuration, Scratch loading, new feature activation and testing. Troubleshooting of nodes, MIB/INX board Configuration (AIR6468), BB6630, LTE-AAS, LTE-LAA configuration, NBIoT configuration, ERAN configuration, BBU/RRU configuration, v-RAN configuration (g-ENB configuration, vSD configuration, vPPF configuration on cloud side)
: Configuration of UCTOOL V1 & V2, LTESIM Configuration. Configuration & Troubleshooting of Aero flex TM-500, E500, Real UE configuration and Troubleshooting. QXDM & CCN,TGF,AUTOTEST,RCM, RNC Element Manager, RBS Element Manager, Moshell, Cygwin, Winfol, ALEX, Primus, and ONE (OSS Network Explorer), ALEX, Metis and SMO (Software Management Organizer). Linux/Unix, Scripting language as Python and shell, Windows, Understanding of C++ .

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